About us

Krameko was established in 1988. At the outset, the company's range of activity encompassed simplified forest management plans for non-state forests and protection plans of nature reserves. Along with technological advancement and procedural changes, the profile of the company's market activity significantly extended.

Today, Krameko operates in the field of project engineering for forestry and environmental protection preparing:
- spatial information systems and GIS software,
- simplified forest management plans for non-state forests (in the property of individuals and legal entities),
- forest management plans for state forest districts and academic institutes,
- soil and biotopic reports for state forest districts (incl. physical and chemical analyses in the Krameko laboratory),
- forest ecosystems' protection reports for national parks,
- natural wealth surveys in communes,
- protection plans for landscape and national parks,
- protection plans for nature reserves nad Natura 2000 protected areas,
- development plans for seedling crops excluded from felling,
- fertilisation surveys in forest nurseries (incl. physical and chemical analyses in the Krameko laboratory),
- surveys of land purposed for afforestation,
- forest protection surveys incl. indication of damage zones caused by industrial air pollution,
- geodetic service in state forest districts,
- strategic environmental assessments: EIRs, EIPs,
- environmental protection programmes for local government units: projects, updates, reports of implementation, EIPs,
- waste management plans for local government units: projects, updates, accounts of implementation.

In 2016, in view of corporate social responsibility, the company launched 'Kultura w lesie' i.e. 'Culture in Woodlands', the first Polish web portal dedicated to monuments, historical places and memorabilia of the past located in Polish woodlands.

The company currently employs 55 members of staff. Statistically, nearly 40% of all our employees are women and more than 96% holds a higher education degree in science (forestry, natural sciences, technical sciences) and arts. Five specialists have been awarded PhD honours in biology or forestry. Yet, the company continuously cooperates with several academic authorities of the Jagiellonian University, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, University of Agriculture and University of Science and Technology. The scholars, specialising in natural sciences and forestry, provide substantive support and review our elaborations.

The seat of the company is housed in a modern building of approx. 700 square meters, located in the city centre of Kraków and owned by the company. Also, KRAMEKO has its own laboratory of 100 square meters equipped with state-of-the-art PerkinElmer analytical instruments.